Presentation at Wintu Audubon Society

Author Steven T. Callan signing books for Wintu Audubon Society members

Presentation at Wintu Audubon Society

Author Steven T. Callan signing books for Wintu Audubon Society members

Signing books for Wintu Audubon Society members. Photo by Kathy Callan.

Last night I had the pleasure and privilege of giving a presentation to a packed house of Wintu Audubon Society members. In addition to discussing my current book and the upcoming sequel, The Game Warden’s Son—A Half Century of Protecting California’s Wildlife, we shared ideas about how our natural resources might be better protected. One of the suggestions for helping to finance more wardens in the field was a voluntary wildlife stamp for people who bird watch, hike, and enjoy nature’s wonders but don’t necessarily hunt or fish. This is an excellent idea, in my opinion, and one that would find favor, I believe, with sportsmen, nature enthusiasts, and game wardens alike.

Thank you, Wintu Audubon, for the warm welcome and stimulating discussion!


Steven Callan
  • Tom Schlobohm

    Dear Warden Callan:
    Recently my son gave me, as a gift, your terrific book, Badgers, Bears and Eagles.
    I don’t know when I have enjoyed a nonfiction book as much as I have yours.
    I was born (77 years ago) and raised in Riverside, CA, and fished, hunted, hiked, or know every location you mention in your book, from the Colorado River, to the Carson Pass in the Eastern Sierras.
    When my wife and I retired, we moved to the small community of Shingletown, CA, where I had the opportunity to meet an acquaintance of yours, Dave Zody, who is a neighbor of ours in Woodridge Lake Estates.
    From what Dave tells me, I believe you reside in Redding. If you should ever visit Dave in Shingletown, please let me know. I would Greatly appreciate it if you could sign my copy of your book for me.
    Thanks for a great read, and for your helping to save Lake Mathews for the same fate as Perris Lake, Skinner, and Lake Elsinore.

    January 20, 2015 at 12:35 pm

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